Could'a Been A Buddhist

Really?  Could I have been a Buddhist?  In truth I'm not a Buddhist but I find that many of my lifestyle choices seem more culturally Buddhist than Christian. I struggled with this dichotomy until realizing that these lifestyle choices aren't Buddhist or Christian. They are, in my opinion, simply Jesus things... things like reverencing life in all of its forms, caring for the environment, and caring about 'my temple' by sticking to a healthy diet.

It's heartening to me that Christians are slowly becoming more environmentally aware and health conscious, versus years past when fellow believers poked fun at me for being such a 'health nut'.  But back to my song title, could I really have been a Buddhist?

Theologically speaking, the answer is yes and no.

Free will says yes, I ‘could’a been a Buddhist’ or anything else I might choose. Predestination says no, it was decided a long time ago... predetermined from the foundations of the world what I would become.

I actually believe both. A little mind-twisting perhaps, but I accept it as one of the great mysteries of faith. A favorite expression in divinity school was ‘it’s not either/or, it’s both/and’. I think that applies here.

This song, which I loved writing, hopefully covers both options. These lyrics sum me up pretty well. As my dear friend Janice, who helped me record it, says “This song is so you!” Maybe so. I especially love the bird who finessed a beautiful duet with me in the first strains of the song!

words and music by Linda Metz

Could'a Been A Buddhist from Linda Metz on Vimeo.

The following video of fumbles and foibles represents my first attempts at recording this song.  With dear friend Janice Huse assisting, and laughing her head off I might add, we endured flies and wind and a little too much silliness for a final product!  The hurricane-sounding wind, by the way, was only a slight breeze, amplified about 100 times by my little point-and-shoot.  Enjoy these outtakes!

Thanks for sharing!

5 responses to “Could'a Been A Buddhist”

  1. Julie Fowlkes says:

    Hey Linda, love this new format !!! I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching you sing & playing your many instruments. I will be following you Dear Heart !!!
    Big Hugs !!

  2. Deb Crouse Morris says:

    Awesome! haha! I love the way you were accompanied by the bird in the final take, and the bug in the outtakes.

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