My penny whistle and my whistling make their debut on “A High Flutin’ Christmas”.  The silver flute is front and center, my native American flutes get some nice solos, and I sing on three songs.  As with my other album “Refreshing” I did all of the arranging on this album.  Russell Townsley, guitarist/composer/dear friend, appears here in my arrangement of Johnny Marks’ song Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.  Russ recorded his own solo album, called “Horizons”, on the legendary acoustic guitar label “Kicking Mule Records”.  It’s kickin’ to have him on my Christmas album!

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My first album “Refreshing” was recorded in 1998 and is a compilation of hymn arrangements and original songs using my variety of flutes and vocals with background accompaniments which I created on my synth. The word ‘peaceful’ is what I’ve heard most often used to describe this album. I’m glad it has that effect. The waterfall on the cover of “Refreshing” is Elk Falls located near Banner Elk N.C. It was about 40 degrees when that picture was taken… definitely refreshing!

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