flutist, singer, songwriter
Linda Metz

Short Bio

Flutist, singer, songwriter, & nature enthusiast, I write, arrange, and perform locally and regionally in churches, family-friendly venues, restaurants, pubs, and bluegrass jams. My music is a blend of classical, folk, ethnic, and improv using silver flute, Native American flutes, penny whistle, ocarinas, ukuleles, synthesizer, vocals, and whistling. In concert I enjoy sharing stories and anecdotes, some funny, some inspirational, along with my music.

I’m told that I'm quirky, compassionate, too sensitive, over educated, and sometimes funny. I follow alternative health practices and eat lots of organic greens (thank you local farmers!). As hard as I try not to be, I'm obsessive and easily hijacked by details that probably don't matter. My happiness comes from walking, writing songs, rescuing an animal or bug, watching the sky, improvising on my flute with other musicians, hearing my cats purr, being creative, connecting with people on a deeper than surface level, or making something to give someone. I’m a Christian but never in your face about it. One of my greatest joys is saying "I love you Lord!"

I moved to the mountains of Western N.C. in 2013 and have never looked back.  I love living simply and following my unique God-given path wherever it leads.
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